The Arogya Foundation for the Disabled was born to support disabled people in Sri Lanka enables people with disabilities to improve their life skills. Founded three years ago, the Foundation continues to render their service all over the country and nearly 150 patients have been received necessary medical equipments such as crutches, walking sticks, wheel chairs, etc. The Foundation is a non-profit organization, founded by Rev Unapana Ariyadhamma Thero and registered in Sri Lanka in year 2008.

Register No : L-134405

Tel : (+94) 113-175 889 email : web :


How Can You Help People

Donate Equipments
Those who have ability to donate disabled equipments such as Wheel Chairs, Comode Chaires, Special Weel, Chaires for Childrens, Walking Sticks,Clutches, Special Beds for Disabled, Water Beds, Electic Scooters for Disabled, etc..

You can send your donations by contacting Arogya Foundation For The Disabled through letter, email of phone

Helping Financially to build up this process
Those who have ability to help this process with financially please contact Director General through Or you can directly transfer funds to "Arogya Foundation For The Disabled", bank account.

Arogya Foundation Bank Details
Account No : 9514090
Bank : Bank of Ceylon
Branch : Maharagama - Sri Lanka
Branch Code: 055
Swift Code : BCEYLKLX
Bank Code : 7010

Donate through Cheques have to be written favor of "Arogya Foundation For The Disabled"