The Arogya Foundation for the Disabled was born to support disabled people in Sri Lanka enables people with disabilities to improve their life skills. Founded three years ago, the Foundation continues to render their service all over the country and nearly 150 patients have been received necessary medical equipments such as crutches, walking sticks, wheel chairs, etc. The Foundation is a non-profit organization, founded by Rev Unapana Ariyadhamma Thero and registered in Sri Lanka in year 2008.

Register No : L-134405

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Build Hi Tech Rehabilitation Centre for the Disabled in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka all kind of disabilities reported was more than 10% of the total population according to the statistics. There was a rapid increase, mainly due to war situation in Sri Lanka during last few decades and natural disaster like tsunami. Those causes have brought disabled people to Sri Lanka in both physical and mental conditions. But unlike other countries attention rendered by this community is not in a satisfactory level by the Government of Sri Lankan and all other international and local NGO.
The main target groups of this project are specially youngsters and children, the service of the foundation will be open to all communities. Therefore after consideration of all these facts we understood that the need of a comprehensive establishment which comforts with medical treatments, physical exercises, residential facilities and other requirements.

The planed comprehensive establishment required following constructions:
  1. Residential facilities for Disabled Buddhist monks and clergy
  2. Residential facilities for Disabled  Lay  People 
  3. Residential facilities for  the working staff   
  4. Residential facilities for the local and Foreign  Medical Doctors  
  5. Complete office for mediation and administrator      
  6. Shrine  hall for meditation and activities      
  7. Dining hall and Kitchen   
  8. Swimming pool for under water therapy
  9. Health club for disabled
  10. Centre for Information Technology and library for reading purposes
  11. Consultation and medical examination centre for out word patients
  12. Car park